The Guardian’s Googling and Diddling

Just in case you forget what a sin it is to be white or straight The Guardian has taken to reminding you even when it makes no sense at all (as if there is ever a case when it makes sense).  Behold their latest headline.

Sex is a fundamental human experience, not simply a white, straight person one

And here I was thinking that every race has sex the same way.  Silly me.  On the bright side though, it appears I can now don my safari hat and engage in some explorations to further expand my knowledge base.  Although I doubt if I use that angle as a come on line it would work very well for me. “Excuse me Ms. but how does your race have sex?”  Yeah, I might opt for something a little more circumspect than that, thank you very much.

It is hard to know what point the article is trying to make.  It is written by a bisexual white woman and a straight black woman and they try to shoehorn all of their grievances in together. In all honesty, who it is written by seems to be the only point of the article being published.  It is the typical, rambling and discursive litany of complaints that substitutes for rational thought amongst the left.  Here is an example.

As a straight black woman and a bi white woman, the sexual experiences we heard about in both educational and entertaining media were largely white and heteronormative.

Yes, because lesbian or black porn is just so damned hard to find!  And could we please drop “heteronormative” from our vocabulary?  You don’t have to attempt to normalize heterosexual sex because it is the norm.  There was no edict by the Society of Straight White Males that made man/woman sex the most common sort.

I am fine with people getting their yah-yahs however they like but there is such a thing as biology and sex is “normally” between the opposite sexes.  That is certainly what evolution demands and nature prefers while still acknowledging that variations around the norm exist and there is nothing to be gained by discriminating against those with other proclivities.  It is just silly to deny the obvious or pretend it exists solely for nefarious reasons.

They then go on to talk about their orgasms, or lack thereof, as if there is a conspiracy amongst white, straight men to make sure they never have any.

Those who were having orgasms didn’t look or sound like us. We felt alone, alienated and skipped over. We were led to believe that regular sexual climaxes weren’t in the cards for us, because we didn’t see anyone like us having them.

OK, where to start with this nonsense?  I suppose we are to believe that they are either so stupid or so eaten up with racism that if they don’t see someone of precisely their color having an orgasm then it is impossible for them to understand that it is something which is possible for them to achieve.  Despite millennia of people across the globe figuring out how to get pleasure from sex these two women, in the one age where we are inundated with information about sexuality, were just unable to fathom how the process works.

I don’t believe this for a moment.  They pretend skin color matters, all the while knowing it doesn’t.  And why just skin tone?  Why don’t they have to have someone of the same weight, or hair color etc…  And the answer is that they know damn well that race doesn’t matter but that The Guardian will publish their poorly written tripe if they pretend it does.

If you don’t want to read the article itself I will give you the Cliff’s notes version.

Things we hate:  Christians, straight people, males, white people

Things we aren’t good at: diddling ourselves, Googling for porn, writing coherently, thinking rationally

Who is to blame: Christians, straight people, males, white people

I don’t suppose it would help to mention the fact that the most tolerant societies on earth to the behaviors they practice and to all races are those founded by white, heterosexual, Christian males.  We also have the most splendid array of porn in the US of any society thus far created by man.  If they can’t find something to suit their tastes then they have truly discovered something new under the sun.

BTW, I hate linking to The Guardian since they don’t deserve the traffic any more than Stormfront does, but some things a person just needs to see for himself or herself.  And they do allow comments, even if they censor them heavily like all leftist publications.



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