The Republicans are Democrats Who are Simply a Little Less So.

So, what have the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate delivered unto us?

Here are three stories on the same page at Hot Air.

Senate GOP leadership is set to restore Obamacare subsidies should the Supreme Court strike them down.

GOP controlled Senate allows Loretta Lynch to be confirmed even though she has sworn she will not uphold the law.

Rubio raking in millions by promising rich donors he will support amnesty.

And these are the results of but a single day.  Since the voters gave the Republican party control of the House and Senate they have delivered precisely nothing of any value to their base. Oh, they moved to pass items that the people who funded their campaign wanted, but nothing for the people who voted for them.

In fact, they have done more to pass Obama’s priorities than they have the voter’s — even up to Sen. Corker from TN crafting a bill to cede treaty authority to the president so he can reach an agreement to assure the Iranians are not hindered in their pursuit of a nuclear weapon.  Corker’s bill would effectively require 2/3rds of the Senate to disapprove the agreement rather than the Constitutionally required 2/3rds majority for approval.  The Senate played the same game with the debt limit increase not that long ago. I doubt such a bill is even legal since it is just a way of dodging Constitutional obligations.  But I have no doubt it will stand regardless because it has been a long, long time since we have been a nation of laws rather than of men.  And even the men we have now are not worthy of the name.  Even were someone to challenge it Justice Roberts would just rule 2/3rds to equal 1/3rd and all would be well.  He could continue his socializing without any awkward silences or looks askance.

The country cannot move forward until the Republican party is once again an opposition party instead of a rubber stamp, and it cannot be that as it is currently constituted.  There has to be a purge.  The establishment knows this which is why they were so ruthless in going after challengers this last cycle.  What they did in MS and elsewhere was nothing short of a crime — and solely for the purposes of keeping their noses in the trough for as long as possible.  They can’t tell you a damn thing the Republican party as they envision stands for, but they can cling to their perks and power for all they are worth.

That being the case there is nothing to be gained by seeing any Republicans elected just for the sake of their being a Republican.  I will vote for each candidate independently based on whether they will adhere to the principles of smaller government and the Constitution.  Which means right now I can vote for neither Republican Senator from my state and only a few of the candidates competing for the Republican presidential nomination — Cruz, Rand and maybe Walker or a couple of others once it becomes clear what issues each of them are lying about.  As we saw with Rubio, most politicians say one thing in private and another to the public.  I think we have had about enough of that.  But even if there are no honest men on the ballot could we at least have one occasionally who lies to the fat-cats and tells the truth to the voters?  Do they all  have to be bought?

The country is ripe for a third party.  The Republicans are Democrats who are simply a little less so.  There is not a party that represents American values and principles anymore.  We have two big government parties whose economics can best be described as fascist or crony capitalist.  I won’t be a party to that.  Whatever they do it is without my blessing and they are as foreign to me as any government from a far distant land.

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