How Bad is Our Press Corps?

This bad.

Update: There is also a tweet floating around out there where Geller purportedly claims she agreed to the interview with the AP even though she knew it would be a hit job because they threatened to publish the names of some of her relatives.  I can’t find it on her Twitter timeline so maybe she retracted it.

Also, I apologize for the misspelling on the original post.  My eyes are too old for some of the devices that are used these days and I notice more of those sorts of errors creeping in with age.  The price of myopia is eternal vigilance apparently.  That and a few black eyes or turned ankles when you run into stuff.

Update 2: Looks like Geller did retract that quote so maybe there was a misunderstanding. Either way this has been train wreck of a post and a resounding way to end the week.

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