Let’s Pretend – The Official Leftist World View

The left has often gotten what it wants by pretending.  They pretended the 2nd Amendment only applied to militias and succeeded for a while in denying us our right to bear arms and now they are doing the same with the 1st Amendment by saying there are exceptions to our right to free speech when it comes to “hate speech.”  Don’t believe me?

Of course Cuomo is a dolt.  There is no such provision in either the Constitution or the law.  There have also been several articles recently where leftists have argued that there should be laws against “hate speech.”  I won’t link to them because they are execrable and deserve no attention.  But you can’t easily dismiss this sort of lunacy because the technique has worked before.  After all, what is a penumbra if not a pretense that everyone is forced to agree to?

Today we also learned that the EEOC will punish the Army for not allowing a man to use the women’s restroom.  He is “transitioning” into being a woman.  So there is another instance where we must pretend — in this case that a person who still possesses male genitalia is not a man.  His feeling that he is a woman is enough to trump reality and biology.  It is now official US Government policy that we all must participate in his delusions.  I suppose should he next decide he is Napoleon they will let him command the army.

Pretty much every leftist policy requires us to pretend.  The minimum wage makes us pretend that someone’s labor is worth more than it is.  Taxes on various items make us pretend they cost more than they do.  And even people who believe marriage has no real meaning outside of the union of a man and woman are required to pretend otherwise.  They are required to participate in those unions if they run a business that caters to weddings.  It is not enough that they allow others to do as they wish.  They must also participate.  They must comply.

And the effect is that eventually societies fail. The Soviet Union failed in large part because the statist fantasy grew to such an extent that it could no longer be maintained.  Pricing signals had been so distorted that they had no way to make good decisions and avoid their own demise.  Something similar happened here with the government’s interference in the mortgage markets.  Risk was decoupled from reward.  We had to pretend that people with bad credit who could put no money down were no more risky than those with good credit.

The left almost always projects their own sins on others.  So when they call themselves the “reality based community” you might ask why that “reality” requires us all to pretend so much.

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