(Sometimes Naughty) Bits and Pieces

UCSD art professor finds new way to get coeds naked.  He requires nudity to pass the course according to the mother of one of the young ladies enrolled in the class.  Why this isn’t considered triggering…  I have no problem with adults deciding whether they want to run around nude.  I just don’t see any point in paying tuition to do something like that when there are perfectly good webcam sites which will pay YOU to sit in front of a camera naked.  If you are paying tuition to a professor so HE can watch you then you are doing it wrong.

When Christina Hoff Summers spoke at Oberlin recently the little leftist morons on the faculty and in the student body ran around creating bunkers where they could hunker down and avoid the possibility of encountering uncomfortable ideas.  They called these “safe places” and yes there are putative adults inhabiting our colleges who still need to be in diapers.

But the choir at Oberlin came up with a magnificent response.  Mockery is really the best way to handle these things.  I have often said that leftism is a psychological disorder where the afflicted person suffers from an inability to feel shame.  But leftists desperately want to be cool and it is hard to be cool when you are mocked so effectively as this piece does.

It makes you think there is some hope for our kids after all. They aren’t all little drones spewing whatever the apparatchiks who are their teachers tell them.

On the other hand people like Mark Halperin still dominate the media. He held an interview with Ted Cruz where he kept trying to make Cruz prove his racial bonafides by asking him the most stereotypical racial question imaginable. You see, racial authenticity is very important to leftists because everyone of a particular race is supposed to act and think the same. How else can they be put in their proper place when the society is ordered by a central authority?  People can’t just run about will-nilly having their own opinions.

The whole thing was so disgusting I was surprised he didn’t ask if the Republicans picked Cruz up by driving by a Home Depot and asking who knew anything fixing a presidency.  Even Think Progress thought it was reprehensible.  Don’t worry, this is a safe link.  I wouldn’t send you there.  I should also note that while what was done to Cruz was bad, it wasn’t a tenth as awful as what Palin had to go through. At least they didn’t accuse Cruz of faking a pregnancy — but the race is young yet.

In other news, Ben Carson decides he does not want to be president.  With Republican candidates eliminating themselves from consideration at this rate it is looking like that nap I am planning for election day might happen after all.  Rand Paul may have also taken himself out of the running for my vote if it turns out it is true that he helped perpetuate a fraud to make sure Congressional staffers would get Obamacare subsidies.  That would just leave Cruz and Walker as strong possibilities for the coveted Unread Blog Endorsement.  I don’t know enough about Fiorina but at least she looks feisty.  It looks like we will fight, now we just have to see what she will fight for.


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