The Export/Import Jobs Bank

Obama suffered a defeat today when the Senate failed to give fast track approval to a treaty that no one has read and for all we know may have no words in it at all.  We still follow the forms of government even when it is just a fig leaf for rule by fiat, so there was a vote on something that doesn’t seem to actually exist in physical form. And if it did then what would it matter what it says anyway?  Justice Roberts has already disabused us of the notion that one word is any different than another.

None of this is unusual in the Obama era.  What was odd is that the Democrats were the ones who put paid to it all.

Labor unions and other left-leaning groups declared war on the fast-track bill, which they argue would ship jobs overseas

And of course the Democrats voted how they were told to vote by their shop stewards.

So it appears to be the official policy of the Democratic Party that they are against trade agreements which would export our jobs to the third world, but are for importing more third world laborers through amnesty to take those same jobs.  How this doesn’t have a largely identical effect on people trying to find work here is something the press will never commit the sin of asking.  It discomfits the narrative.

I would also like to point out that leftists like to say how they want to help the downtrodden and they brag about how they are citizens of the world who eschew jingoistic or nationalistic impulses. But capitalism really does help the world’s poorest by sending jobs to the places where they are the most needed if the market is allowed to act.  Whoever needs the work the most will manifest that need by lowering the price of their labor and they will get the work provided they are capable of doing it.  It wouldn’t make sense to send work where it couldn’t get done — for instance you wouldn’t see many rocket ships get built no matter how many Amazonian tribesmen or women’s studies professors you hired.  But at least the former could weave something other than a tale of grievances so they wouldn’t starve in a free market that is absent coercion like the professors most certainly would.

And this precise targeting of help where it is most needed is contrasted to the Democrat’s notion of how jobs should be apportioned only where they are most likely to garner votes for those doing the apportioning.  Somehow, this does not strike me as being as morally superior as they think it is.

Luckily, this free trade pact is probably nothing of the sort if the track record of the goofball in the White House is any indicator so scuttling it is unlikely to hurt anyone’s feelings much outside of whoever lobbied for advantage in its structuring.

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