TImes are Hard and Everyone is Crazy

Just a round-up of the crazy…

What do you do when you have a crappy product?  You repackage it.  Obama frames climate change as national security threat.

How little is your money worth?  Banks are now charging to even hold it  because they can’t make anything off lending it.

But however little value it has the government is always eager to spend more.  They are now using it to pay people to stir up trouble  in our cities.  This is the payback to community organizers and various groups for creating the recent riots which were politically useful to the people holding the purse strings.

The Boy Scouts have banned water gun fights because they aren’t “kind.”  I spent a good deal of my childhood hunting my best friend with water guns and cap pistols.  And he did the same to me.  Kids still do the same thing now but they do it through video games so they don’t really develop any good stalking or hunting skills.  It makes them sheep.

I think one result of this is that when there is a shooting incident at a school for instance they put everyone on lockdown and the kids are made to sit as targets.  A better strategy would be to open the windows/doors and let them scatter to the four winds so that the shooter could never track more than a few of them down.  But proper evasion skills are no longer developed. Plus the authorities can’t stand the thought of not being able to account for everyone — even if it means they only have track of a lifeless body.  Better that than people figuring out they need to develop their own skills to protect themselves.

The Boy Scouts were founded as a martial organization to teach boys the skills they might need as men to scout for armies, or just to be men.  I am not sure what their purpose is now.  Apparently they aren’t either.  You would think with global warming now being classified as a national security threat that maybe squirt guns might have a role to play… or maybe not.

On the bright side boys can now join the Girl Scouts.  No word yet on if the AKC will be accepting people who identify as dogs.  I am sure there are some furries out there who feel they have been wronged by the injustice of it all.  They can’t help their body morphology.  They identify as canines.

And in other news Bin Laden was a 9/11 conspiracy buff.  He collected all sorts of books about the attack outlining conflicting accounts of what happened.  He was also a big Noam Chomsky fan — birds of a feather and all that.  Check the bookshelf of any crazed terrorist, no matter what persuasion or religion, and you will find the work of leftist nutjobs.  I bet Bill Ayers is jealous.

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