Emma Sulkowicz (Mattress Girl) Has New Pornographic Video Out

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the eternal verities.  They are just pithy sayings that people bring up when the situation calls for them.  And to be sure they do not apply in every situation.  But there is always a reason they exist.  There is no human motivation that hasn’t been seen before and repeated millions of times over.  Humans have a very limited repertoire in that regard.  Oh, there are technological advances which allow impulses to be vented more fully or in different ways but that is about it.  The motivations and drives are primal.  And one of the most primal is that which makes us want to hurt those who have rejected or hurt us or show them they are wrong.

In both the VA rape case and the case of Sulkowicz it seems this particular eternal truth applies.  Both had crushes on boys who did not return their affections to the extent and in the manner they wanted.  Both accused others of raping them to either punish or lure their would be paramour to their side when it became clear they were not winning the attentions they so desired.  That seems pretty clear to me based on the writings and evidence in each case.

But now the crazy has been turned up to 11.  I am going to do you the courtesy of treating you as a fully functioning adult and not issue a trigger warning as is so fashionable amongst the dysfunctional Social Justice Eloi Set.  But I will say if you aren’t an adult or are at work then skip this link to Sulkowicz’s new video, Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol (or in English, This Is Not a Rape) since it is basically just a really bad and pointless security camera porno.

She starts off by telling you not to watch the video.

Do not watch this video if your motives would upset me, my desires are unclear to you, or my nuances are indecipherable.

Since it is obvious she is crazy it is a pretty sure bet no one can, or has ever understood her the way she feels they should. I suspect she has spent her whole life being misunderstood because most of what she decides she felt or meant at a given time comes after the fact, just as she kept contacting her alleged assailant after the incident so they could have quality “chill sesh” time together until it became clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Then she goes on to tell everyone that if they watch the video they are participating in her rape, unless they watch kindly.  We will unpack that a bit later.

She also pulls the trick that many failed artists do when she asks a bunch of questions to try to give meaning to her “performance.”  You see, she is just being provocative and you can’t hold her to any specific purpose or reasoning behind the video.  It is only to make you think. It is about you, you see, even though you are required to read her mind so it is about her — and the crazy just keeps rolling downhill from there like that big boulder that pursued Indiana Jones through the underground labyrinth.

One of the hardest things for an artist to do is to get their point across and to bring everything together in a way that makes sense.  It is easy to just ask a bunch of questions or try to shock people.  It is easy to make them uncomfortable.  It is as easy as taking a dump in public and then asking people what they think of it.  I am sure you can think of thousands of other examples, each of which takes less thought, effort and talent than the last one.

So what is in the video?  Well I won’t tell you.  You have to read my mind, or watch it for yourself, or maybe I didn’t watch it, or someone told me about it.  You see I am an artist and if I were to communicate with you clearly then what would be the point of that? What is in it is what you see in it.  It is what you put there so how could I tell you what you yourself created? Unless you disagree with me.

I also like the fact that she uses a gratuitous bit of French to title the thing since that is something else failed artists often do to give their work a patina of sophistication.  Dumb people seem to be especially impressed by French as if the French don’t fart or make pornos. Spoiler alert for those who have never been to Paris – they do.  Sorry.

The other interesting thing about this video is that she was able to lure a man into having sex/rape with her.  I have to admit that this was rather cunning on her part since this is possibly one of the few ways she can still get laid.

But what the hell was going through this guy’s head?  She has a video of him screwing her and her telling him to stop while he continues.  She is conceivably insane enough to take the tape to court as evidence despite whatever deal she made with him. How does he know the “stop” is the scripted “stop” and not a real one? Even if they work out safe words in advance maybe she will forget or lie about them. And who knows what is going on in her addled mind? She might be trying to expand the definition of rape or trying to prove how easy it is to get someone to rape her on tape.

Here is a pro tip – don’t screw a girl who carries a mattress around on her back.  I know this is not obvious to many of you who have no father present in your life or who were raised by a mother with a mattress on her back, but trust me on this one.  It will save you a world of grief.

So why did she make the video?

Look—I want to change the world, and that begins with you, seeing yourself. If you watch this video without my consent, then I hope you reflect on your reasons for objectifying me and participating in my rape, for, in that case, you were the one who couldn’t resist the urge to make Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol about what you wanted to make it about: rape.

My, isn’t she clever.  You are a rapist depending on what is going through her mind.  Not based on your actions.  Not based on what happened or any objective look at the facts.  Not based on the fact that she posted this video for the world to see.  Not even based upon the actual definition of the word. But based upon whether she decides you are or not.  She has redefined rape and then not even done you the courtesy of telling you clearly what she considers consent.  You have to guess at that and presumably she could revoke it or change it at any time even after the fact.  Does that sound familiar?  I bet it does to one particular man who attended Columbia with her.

I would say that she also has other motivations than what she claims.  A degree from Columbia is not all that valuable as evidenced by the fact that crazy people can get one easily enough (they will even give you course credit for it).  She has made it impossible for herself to ever have a normal job or a real boyfriend, though she can be employed in a sinecure by the left where she is trotted out to mouth whatever they want mouthed on a given subject.  That would seem to have been the better option.  Many people have made a less than honorable living that way and you can usually find a way to make the people you hate fund you while you do it.

I also think she likes the spotlight.  She seems to like chaos and spectacle where she is the center of attention.  She certainly seeks it out.  So I predict that even though we have seen all of her now, we have not seen the last of her.

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