Man Has Trouble Handling His Girlfriend’s Penis

To update a famous quote for modern times — love is a many gendered thing.  Or so we are told.

A guy dating a tranny does about the worst thing imaginable and goes to Reddit for help in accepting the fact that his “girlfriend” has a penis.  He gets the sort of advice you would expect him to get on Reddit.

Men can have either a penis or a vagina. Women can have either a penis or a vagina. Some people really like women. Some people really like men.

How would they ever know which they liked since there seems to be no difference?

…it’s just a penis. Some women have penises. That doesn’t take away their femininity.

“Oh, that?  Don’t mind that thing.  It is just my penis.  Now where were we?”

Obviously this is crap advice that goes against all custom, human nature, human sex drives and biology.

At no time does anyone point out the obvious to him, that he is dating a man who likes to play dress-up and pretend he is a woman.  Once you acknowledge that then all of the cognitive dissonance goes away and you can think clearly about the subject.  If that is what turns you on then great!  Trans have to be some of the loneliest people on earth so if you can do missionary work spreading happiness amongst them then good for you.  Their suicide rate is sky high and amongst the post-op ones it is even higher according to the studies I have seen.  I would have to suspect that finding out the mutilation of your body didn’t lessen your misery any has to be a huge part of the reason for those stats and that is part of the reason why Johns Hopkins no longer does reassignment surgery.

But if you don’t acknowledge the truth of what you are dating and don’t have preferences to match then you are like this poor guy who has to pretend the dude he is dating is a woman.  That becomes particularly difficult for him given the fact that the “woman” has a penis. It’s really hard to maintain that sort of pretense when someone’s schlong is staring you in the face.

Oddly enough, despite the best of intentions, the guy has a a problem maintaining that level of sustained delusion, but he at least is enlightened enough to feel shame for it.  Thus he must ask advice on how to repress his feelings and live as a closeted heterosexual.

It gets even better when a lesbian shows up and gets in an argument about whether women can have penises and what a preference for or against the male member says about someone.  Needless to say a lot of energy is wasted about things human beings sorted out millions of years ago.  But those who are ignorant must always reinvent everything from scratch.

I am all for everyone finding love.  But all love should be based on truth.  And that element of a relationship was totally ignored in the thread I have linked.  The OP mentioned that he had not been told his “girlfriend” was a dude until about the 4th date.  No one brought that up as a problem.  No one mentioned that playing make-believe and not doing others the common courtesy of letting them in on the game is not a good basis for any relationship.

The other thing that is offensive about all of this is that they expect this man to alter his sex drive when we are told that the sex drives of others, such as gay men, are unalterable, if not downright holy.  Obviously, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander — unless the gander happens to be transitioning.  We saw a bit of that with the penis hating lesbian being told that she needs to suck it up (so to speak) and accept the fact that lesbians can have penises. This is the sort of thing that happens when you redefine widely accepted terms in such a way as to leave them with no real meaning.

So let’s sum up.  Leftists tell us you can’t tell women from men by their attire, actions, proclivities, abilities or dress.  To think otherwise is sexist.  While at the same time we are told by leftists that we can’t tell men from women by their parts or biology but rather must look at what they like to wear and how they act lest we be transphobic.

So those are your choices you miserable, privileged, cishet, Neanderthalic bastards.  Do you want to be sexist or transphobic?

Even if your sexual encounters resemble a swashbuckling sword fight scene from the Three Musketeers you must never let the thought that you may not be in bed with a woman cross your mind!


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