Policies Against Head Coverings are Now Illegal at Clothing Stores

Abercrombies, which I guess is some sort of clothing store (I am an engineer, what the hell do I care, I have a basket full of interchangeable white socks so I don’t have to even think about what to wear), had a policy against its employees wearing head coverings because that is not the hip look they wanted to promote.  Of course they were sued by a young Muslim woman so now we will get our fashion advice from people wearing hijabs because the Supreme Court ruled it would just be the worst thing evers if people in the fashion business were required to wear the fashion they sell as a form of advertisement.

Female Customer: What would go well with this red blouse?

Abercrombie Consultant: A black hijab.

Female Customer: What about these 6 inch heels?

Abercrombie Consultant: A black hijab.

Female Customer: I need something to wear to a pool party?

Abercrombie consultant: A black hijab goes well with anything.

Female Customer: Oh, and I need some driving gloves.

Abercrombie Consultant:  No you don’t.

The interesting thing about this is that I don’t think there is any way for the Supreme Court to require an allowance for a hijab and not a full body covering like a burqa (and yes it is a sign of how our society is devolving back to a primitive state that we even know what these words mean).  Our clothing stores could quite literally be forced to hire people who have no cultural concept of what “fashion” even is.

Meanwhile, at the Christian bakery down the road…

Our law has become such a hash that people are forced to participate in a religious service that is against their beliefs such as a gay marriage but they can’t be inconvenienced to the extent of having to leave a scarf at home.

This is why I went into engineering.  The laws of nature are incontrovertible and they always make sense.  The laws of man are whatever some asshole takes a notion they should be on a given day and they absolutely never make sense because then they would be predictable and that would defeat the purpose of keeping the populace tremulous and under control.

BTW, I support gay unions.  If you want to call them marriages or civil unions etc… I don’t see as it matters much.  But I also don’t think we should make the march down the aisle into a Bataan Death March for people who don’t want to participate by forcing them to supply cakes, entertainment etc…  But the social justice crowd is never happy until the vanquished are also forced to pay tribute.

Anyway, here is Abercrombies’ Supreme Court approved fall fashion line.


Oddly enough, it is also their Summer, Winter and Spring lineup as well.  I think this is their revenge for being forced to wear those black robes all the time.  I think Ginsberg even put in her opinion, “let’s see how you bitches like it now!”  But that could be a misquote like the press did with Walker and the sonograms.  See, I can beez journalist too!

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