You are All Rapists!

The dumb girl who claims all penis in vagina sex is rape would like you to know that she really means it.

This line of thought equating the reproductive act with rape is not unknown amongst feminists.  But one wonders what they expect the endgame to be?  Do they think straight women will just suddenly say, “Hmm, I never thought of it that way.  I really don’t like the D after all!”  Does she expect the race to stop propagating outside of test tubes?  Does she just really, really like anal?

It used to be that marginal people who had trouble functioning or thinking rationally never had a platform more effective than an upturned fruit crate on the local campus to spread their insanity.  Now, thanks to the internet, content providers seek them out until finally their insanity gets spread to the point that it all but becomes unavoidable.

The effect is that people believe there are more crazy people than there are or that fringe practices or beliefs are more common than they are.  A recent survey showed that people estimate that 30% of the population is homosexual — no doubt because the media has been saturated with the subject.  This is relatively harmless in the case of gays if its principle effect leads people to be nicer to them (which they assuredly should be) but it shows how badly people can be lead to misperceive the society they live in.

On the other hand, the problem with thinking that nearly every person who has ever lived is either a rapist or the product of a rape is that it makes it easy to hate the entire species.  So yeah, this woman has a poor grasp on reality, sanity, logic and apparently microphones — but her real problem is her anger and hatred.  That is her product.  That is what she is selling.

So just remember the next time you look at that cute little kitten you are looking at the product of a rape.  And that lethargic koala bear is no doubt planning a rape spree like you wouldn’t believe once it has napped sufficiently and can get around to it.  And that guy — don’t even get me started!

Maybe if she looked at it as the vagina consuming the penis…

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