More Odd Twitter Behavior?

Twitter has been taking a lot of flack for holding conservative users to a different standard of behavior than everyone else.  Recently prominent conservatives have had their accounts pulled, or had their verification checkmark removed, or been shadowbanned.  And yes, Twitter is petty enough to not even let a user have the checkmark that denotes he is really who he claims to be so as to distinguish his real account from parody or hijacked accounts.  It is almost like a gaggle of 13 year old girls took over the company and locked the adults out of the building.

The upshot is that everyone from journalists at Breitbart, to the actor Adam Baldwin, to R. S. McCain have either left Twitter or been banned.

I noticed some other odd behavior today which I thought I would see if anyone else noticed.  Yesterday, as part of the protest to Twitter’s actions,  I blocked a few of the ads they were running and let the sponsors of those adds know why.  Today I have absolutely no ads of any sort.  I can’t say I miss them any, but I wonder if this is another damage control initiative by Twitter?  If you have noticed anything similar or have a more prosaic explanation then please let me know.

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