What Happens When a Hand Puppet Mocks SJW’s

I don’t care much for Triumph the Insult Dog, but I have to admit that this bit is clever.  And frankly, given the nature of what Social Justice Warriors believe, it is almost impossible for it not to be hilarious when they are called upon to explain their beliefs so it was an easy subject matter from which to extract laughs.

Still, given all of that, this is pretty good.  I like it when he has a big, fat, gay man come in and then asks them to describe the man to a police sketch artist.  I think a couple of the guys understand how stupid the stuff they are spouting is and are just in it for the chicks.  But the two chicks look like true believers and are not amused.  Once or twice they start to laugh but then remember the scourging they would have to give themselves should they laugh at the wrong thing and they reel themselves back in.



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