Gun and Hunting Sundries

An 11 year old boy says home invader “started crying like a little baby” after the boy shot him.  You gotta like a kid with enough moxie to mock a person who just broke in his home and threatened his life.  Hopefully he sat there and gave the perp a full ration of shit while they waited on the ambulance.  Maybe the generation which comes after the millenials won’t be another total loss.

Obama pushes “smart gun” technology.  Given that this is brought to us by the same people who brought us “smart power” and “smart diplomacy” I can only assume that, like our foreign policy, these guns will similarly refuse to harm our enemies while shooting us in the foot at every opportunity.  There is nothing like building a consistent brand.  You also have to wonder if the gun used in the first story would have been biometrically keyed to the kid vs. his parent if weapons were required to have this technology.  As much as some people worry about policemen and others being shot with their own guns, it is likely far more common that people are saved by guns wielded by those who are not the primary owner.  Lots of households have home defense weapons that can be used by friends and family should it become necessary.

On the bright side, any moves to require smart weapons will likely start with the federal government acquiring them.  I suggest the Secret Service be the first to test them.  That way if anything goes wrong we won’t really be out anything of value.

Hwange National Park to slaughter 200 lions due to lack of hunters.  You might remember that this was the park where the MOB (Moral Outrage Brigade) brought down their wrath on some poor dentist who shot a lion in Africa while he was there on a hunting trip.  As a result of the boycotts and bans there has been a dearth of hunters, which has predictably lead to an overpopulation of lions at the park.  Now the wardens there will have to cull the population.  If you ask, “what is the difference between the park rangers killing the lions and hunters doing it” the answer is about $1,000,000 (assuming $50k per hunting trip) that is not available to the local economy, or for the running of the park.

The other thing to remember is that it would not be acceptable to anyone in the MOB to have lions running around their neighborhood.  Yet, they expect Africans to be just fine with it.  Unsurprisingly, they are not.  They no more want lions roaming the streets of their villages than the typical New Yorker wants them in Central Park.  What they used to do to protect themselves was poison the local population and hunt the lions to extinction in the areas where people live (just like every other modern civilization has done and will continue to do).  What the money from the big game hunting allowed was for there to be incentives created whereby the lions were seen as having value and being a source of revenue rather than just being a threat.  Now that those incentives have been lessened it will be interesting to see what the response is.

But all of the hashtag warriors who created this problem have moved onto destroying other things and will never learn the lesson.

I had thought of the idea that maybe parks could tag the lions and then pit hunters against conservationists in a bidding war for each animal.  That way the MOB could actually do something useful rather than running around destroying things and then preening about it on Instagram.  But in the end the park could not honor any promise they made to not destroy the lions whose lives the conservationists won short of shipping those animals off to zoos.  You simply never know which animal will become a threat, and at any rate the population has to be controlled one way or the other.

Nature is red of tooth and claw, but no gazelle is ever brought down as violently and to less purpose than social media brings down those who draw its ire for being politically incorrect.






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