A Strange Symmetry of Dark and Light

Looking at the lineup of speakers for the respective conventions I was struck by the contrast, and in at least one instance, the symmetry of the selections.  Last night the Republicans had the mother of Sean Smith (who died serving the country in Benghazi) as a speaker.  This was a man whose death Hillary lied about for no greater reason than to protect her own ample ass — and she did so while standing over his body at his funeral because that is the sort of soulless ghoul that she is.  She pledged to go after a completely innocent filmmaker to avenge Sean’s death as if such an act would be anything other than an insult to the principles and values which he gave his life to defend.  It is as if Hillary had in her head some caricature of what those who serve our country believe and feel.  She thought offering vengeance against an unrelated, third party would quench the blood-lust which must assuredly fill the hearts of those who are not as enlightened as she.  And, of course, the rubes would never see through her ruse.

Whereas the Democrats will allow the mother of Michael Brown to speak at their convention.  He was a man who strong-armed a minority owned business and then attacked a cop twice before being shot to death.  His death was also cloaked in a lie for political advantage.  It was used as the genesis for a whole movement which was built around the blood libel that the US is full of racist cops hunting young black men.  And as we have just seen, that lie has lead to the deaths of many innocent policemen whose only goal was to protect the communities in which they lived.

There is simply no light in which the acts of the Democratic party and its nominee for president can be seen as anything other than vile and depraved.  And the fact that these acts are accepted tells us just how fallen we are as a nation.  Leftism has always relied upon people believing beautiful lies about the utopia which can be had if only one is willing to accept a little tyranny.  Marxist principles never survive contact with reality so it is no accident that a good deal of leftist thought is given over to defining what sort of lies should be told to what sort of people.  Indeed, this is the chief preoccupation of politicians such as Hillary and Obama.  There has simply been no major initiative undertaken by either of them which was not accompanied by a vanguard of lies.

The Republican establishment is also guilty of this.  They stage votes and rig the results so as to make it look like they are trying to do what they were sent to Washington to do, while accomplishing exactly the opposite.  But they haven’t quite yet resorted to the sorts of obvious, and purposely enraging libel which the left embraces such as 1 in 5 college women are raped, or women make 70 cents on the dollar for the same work as men, or how blacks are seen as prey by the police, or that Michael Brown had his hands up, or pretty much anything that comes out of Hillary’s whore mouth (and if you don’t think it is a whore mouth then you know nothing of how favors are traded in return for speaking fees and donations — simply put, people rent her mouth to say the right words at the right time when issues are being decided which affect them).

Given all of this, the public has responded by selecting Trump, who for all of his boorishness, and at times oafishness, at least gives the illusion of being truthful and speaking from the heart.  Whether that is true remains to be seen. And certainly he often seems to have a change of heart.  He is no stalwart in defense of liberty.  But at least he doesn’t pretend the game isn’t rigged, and he does not viscerally loathe those who love the American ideal.  And in a country which has marched this far down the road to serfdom that may be the best we can hope for at the moment.  If we can’t have virtuous and principled leaders maybe we can at least have some whose only goal isn’t to manipulate us, and use us, and divide us.

That isn’t much, but when everything is broken any improvement would be welcome.

Take it away Kenny…

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