Mao Brothers’ Pantsuits

One of the worst things about the country right now has to be rampant and unabashed sexism such as this:


I don’t know who Xeni is, although I have seen the name around.  But I am going to assume she is a woman since this sort of outright sexism is not so common amongst men (and her avatar seems to indicate as much — but these days that is not so dispositive).  She seems to be overly concerned about Hillary’s naughty bits for some reason whereas to the rest of us they are rightfully (and thankfully) irrelevant.  This is similar to how Obama’s skin color was very important to racists and was seen as a legitimate reason to vote for him.  And of course only some women are worthy of this sort of rapture.  I doubt Xeni was ecstatic when Palin gave her speech at the Republican Convention where she became the first national level candidate to point out that cronyism is one of our chief problems. A view which has now been adopted by every major, national politician, who — while they rail against how the game is rigged — simultaneously promise to centralize more power and rig things better.

That aside, we should look at what exactly it is which allowed Mrs. Clinton to be the center of the world’s attention.  Somehow, I don’t think trading political favors rather than sexual ones is anything to brag about.  The latter vocation is certainly far more honorable, and far less damaging than the former.  Hillary is where she is because her husband created a corrupt, crony-tastic machine that sold access and governmental favors in return for cash, influence and power.  And to be part of this all she had to do was reject everything that makes life worth living — a true marriage where everyone loves one another, family, fidelity, and any sense of honor or shame.

That she largely achieved her position by riding on Bill’s coattails, and cleaning up after his bimbo eruptions by slandering his victims — who also happen to be women — doesn’t seem to bother people like Xeni.  Nor does it occur to her that Hillary played a large part in creating divisiveness between the sexes for political gain.  Some tools love the toolbox, and that is truer of Hillary’s followers than just about any group out there.  They have to love being lied to because that is all Hillary has to offer.  But hey, breasts!

It is this sort of thinking with one’s genitals or voting with one’s tribe that is at the heart of every problem we face now.  We can’t judge Hillary based on her character, or her failures.  We have to judge her based on her membership in a group because we have become both feral, and tribal, and because Xeni says so.  In part, I can understand the instinct towards this because there is simply very little else about Hillary which can be painted as laudable.  When the highest praise you can think of for your candidate is that she has breasts which no one wants to see (Xeni’s words not mine — although I endorse them) you should probably re-think the basis on which you make your decisions.  Amongst similar irrelevancies, Hillary may also be the first presidential candidate to have sucked a man’s dick — but I don’t see cocksuckers rallying to her cause wouldn’t go around pretending that was some great accomplishment if she were my candidate.  Yet somehow, these sorts of things are seen as very serious by people who are themselves very unserious.

Presidential candidates should be judged on the content of their character, not on the content of their Mao Brothers’ Pantsuits from the Romulan Warbird Line.

There is no place for identity politics in something as serious as choosing the best leader for the most powerful nation on earth.  In fact, there is no place for identity politics in civilized society at all.

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