The One Question Which Stephen Colbert Wants to Ask Donald Trump

Apparently Stephen Colbert is the host of something called “The Late Show” on CBS.  I vaguely recall a show with that name that was on many decades ago before I became gainfully employed.  During one of the breaks in filming Colbert participated in a question and answer session with the audience where he was asked what the one question was that he wished he could ask Donald Trump.  To which he replied;

What does Vladimir Putin’s dick taste like?

In case you don’t understand where this comes from it is based on the charge that Trump is too friendly with the Russians, and also that he made a recent remark about how they should release the info they hacked from Hillary’s server.  Leftists are pretending to be upset about this because it might expose secret information, which they also simultaneously believe was not on Hillary’s server.

The Russians have already been doing something similar.  Through their surrogates they have been slowly leaking information they hacked from DNC servers about how the Democrats were going to screw over Bernie.  So Democrats latched onto Trump’s remark as a distraction and are trying to imply the Russians are working to help elect Trump.  That could be true since I think Putin rightfully thinks Hillary is an idiot and a danger to both herself and the world. And Trump has made noises about NATO that I take as his bargaining position to get our European allies to pay something for their own defense instead of dumping all of their money into social programs and then lecturing us on why we don’t do the same when we are already footing the bill for their defense.  No one freeloads like a socialist.  Nevertheless, the Russians might read Trump’s remarks in a different light.

But there are other motivations for the Russian’s actions.  No one has mentioned the possibility that it serves Russia’s purpose to boost a socialist like Bernie Sanders.  Not only does it advance the cause, but in this instance it also points out the corruption in our system.  This is something the Russians often do because it helps to get Russian citizens to accept the even greater level of corruption in their own system.  They can point and say, “See, the Americans do it too.”  This has been a favorite game of theirs since the revolution.  It is also likely that they tried, and were unsuccessful at hacking the RNC, or were successful and were disappointed with what they found.

At any rate, that is the predicate and you are welcome to have a go at answering Colbert’s question.   I would merely speculate that given where it has been the last 7 years it probably tastes exactly like Obama’s bunghole.  But somehow, I don’t think that is the answer Colbert was looking for.



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