Truest Thing I have Read on the Internet Today

Chrissie Hynde has the career Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde should have had.

This is something I have often thought myself.  Concrete Blonde has a whole catalog of high quality songs.  The Pretenders had one big hit.

This is from an article by Kathy Shaidle where she runs down who she thinks are the most overrated female singers.  She included Sheryl Crow, which I think is a mistake because she is a good songwriter if nothing else.  And her voice is unique enough that it stands out.  She gets points for not being a walking affectation.

Kathy also includes Lady Gaga.  I could go either way with this one, but I think the main thing we learn from the success of Lady Gaga is that Madonna is dead and her corpse is just carrying on in her stead because there is no way Lady Gaga is not her reincarnation.  They have pretty much the same schtick and wardrobe.

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