You Know Where You Shouldn’t Get in an Argument?

In a car. At a nature park — where they have tigers roaming freely about the grounds.

Tigger warning — graphic (but blurred) video follows!

Apparently a woman had gotten out of the car due to an argument she was having with someone else in the car. Ironically enough, according to The Telegraph (where there is an unblurred version of the video) it was the second woman who came to her aid who was killed. The first woman was “just” mauled.

Most of us have done something stupid that could have killed us at one point or another in our lives. But I have to think that we have lost our understanding of what nature truly is. Every living organism above a certain complexity is looking to feed on another living organism. And while we are at the top of the heap that can change very quickly when we are taken out of our element and plopped down in a more natural habitat.

Update: Once again Helm’s Deep has been blessed with a link from Ace’s Place.  And like a starving merchant peddling his shoddy, overpriced wares I will now seek to interest you in some of my other offerings.  After all, you have wandered this deep into the internet, what are a few steps more for one so rich as yourself, Sahib? I have many pretty baubles of a finer quality than this post with which to amuse you if only you will follow me.

Now let’s see, perhaps you would like to read about free range titties?

Or maybe Mexican ninja warriors are more to your liking?

It is like a Tales from the Crypt around here, except without all of the cackling.  We will leave that to the headline speech at the DNC convention this week.

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