Obama Continues Experiment in Time Travel and Alternate History

One of the lowlights of Jimmy Carter’s tenure in office was the Iranian hostage crisis where the mullahs minions invaded our embassy and took several of our citizens hostage.  They then proceeded to embarrass President Carter in ways that would make the most jaded Dockside Dolly blush.

But even as feckless as Carter was, he froze money that had been transferred to the US as payment for military equipment and he cut off all arms shipments to the Iranians.  In other words, he acted reasonably in doing the bare minimum you would expect.  If you are in the middle of selling a gun to someone and they start beating on your wife then needless to say they aren’t going to get either the gun, or any of their money you have in your possession.  They may get the contents of the gun given to them at a very high rate of speed, but only a fool arms and enriches their enemy.  (Yes, that last sentence is what those in the writing business call foreshadowing.)

Every president since then has just sat on those funds for reasons I don’t pretend to understand since they could have just as easily declared them forfeit due to the tiny, little, inconsequential fact that Iran committed an act of war when they invaded US sovereign territory in the form of our embassy, and that they have engaged in terrorism against US interests ever since then.  They easily could have been used to pay for damages, and the US could have made a show of doing so.  If Iranian backed terrorists blew something up then that money could have been used to rebuild or to treat those injured until it was all used up.  Or it could have been used to fund groups opposed to the mullahs.  Either way, the right incentives would be created.

But holding the money worked out to the advantage of the United States so of course Obama could not let it stand.  He will be damned if he lets any dollar go unwasted on his watch.  He unfroze those assets and paid them to the Iranians in return for a more recent set of US hostages who were subsequently released once we had sent pallets of currency to the enemy who had taken them.  The observant reader has probably noticed a pattern of belligerent acts on the part of the Iranians here since the term “hostage” keeps occurring.  Well Obama hasn’t noticed any such thing.  The man is preternatural in his ability to misunderstand and this why no rational person can in turn understand him.  No one understands what he thinks he is gaining by dealing with the Iranians and green lighting their quest for an atomic bomb.  No one understands why he did not back the Green revolution in Iran when he first came to power and chose the mullahs instead.  No one understands why he would pay ransom for hostages and thus make it profitable for the Iranians to take more of them — which is exactly what they turned around and did immediately upon finding out how lucrative the market was for them.  I doubt even Obama can explain why he does what he does other than he is so bitter and angry at the US that he thinks if he does the opposite of what was done in the past he will be on the right side of history.

Today, when Obama’s safespace, spokesmillenial was asked about it he averred that it was a great deal because otherwise we would have been taken to court and had to pay many billions of dollars more.  I  — SHIT — YOU — NOT.  That is what the dumbass said.  And this is from an administration which would not enforce a US Court ruling that Iran pay the victims of its terrorism.  Get that?  We are supposed to funnel 1.7 billion dollars to our enemies to head off a court which has no authority over us (and which represents the most despotic nations and most backwards ideals on the planet), but a ruling from a court following laws which Obama has sworn to uphold is completely optional.   I need not mention that we could have used the frozen funds to pay the victims of Iran’s terrorism and satisfy the US court’s ruling, but Obama instead chose to pay the terrorists.

Ambassador Bolton was on air when the clip was played and he called the shameless, male trollop of a spokesperson who assumes whatever position Obama likes for money (regardless of anatomical possibility) a fool.  But he is not a fool.  He is just a tool.  Obama is the fool.  And we are fools for electing him.  He isn’t even selling our enemies the rope with which they intend to hang us.  He is handing it to them.

The original hostage crisis was resolved when the mullahs pissed all over themselves at the thought of what Reagan would do to them when he came into office.  They had a spiffy new revolution to play with and peasants they had only just started abusing.  They thought there was a significant, non-zero chance that Reagan would drop the atomic bomb on them and interrupt the party before it even got started.  Now, in a strange moral and historical inversion, this current hostage crisis was not resolved, but rather augmented by allowing the Iranians to develop their own bomb, take more hostages, and continue sponsoring terrorism around the globe.

Amazon has a TV series based on a Philip K Dick story called The Man in the High Castle.  It is about what the world would have been like had the Axis powers won WWII.  Alternate histories have often been a trope in science fiction.  But this is the first time I can remember where someone has tried to turn back the clock and reverse the course of past events in real life.  When Obama was reciting his litany of ludicrous claims about how he was going to make the oceans recede, and make us the ones we were always waiting for I guess he forgot to mention he was also going to turn back the temporal tide and reset history.

Right now the clock sets on the 1970’s with economic malaise, US retreat from the world, the Middle East on fire and the Russians advancing.  Racial tensions are worse than at any point in my lifetime and absolutely no one thinks we are heading in the right direction because most people like to move towards the future rather than the past.  Domestically, we are fast approaching the point where we would have been had we lost the Cold War.  Certainly national socialists such as were common in WWII would recognize how we now order our society, and the international socialists would be right at home with how the laws on the books do not reflect how they are enforced.

If we screw up and elect Hillary I think this whole process will accelerate and we will be lucky if the wheel of time lands on anything much past the Dark Ages by the time my daughter is my age.  At some point Clinton allowing the Norks to get a bomb, and Obama allowing the Iranians to have one is going to bite us in the ass in a big way.  Importing our enemies and allowing the barbarians inside the gate is going to spread the problem rather than contain it.  Even if Trump turns out to be a better selection and is elected (both big ifs), our enemies have been incentivized to attack us.  And if they fail they just have to wait for the next naive leftist, or college lounge lizard to come along so he can reset the clock for them.

And who knows.  Carter is still alive and has eligibility left.

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