Well, So Much For Watching the Olympics

Some asshole just came on and said that next they will have a segment of the opening ceremony warning us that the climate sometimes changes.  In the completely irrational cant of our present age this is short for anthropogenic global warming of the sort that may, or may not, warm.  I have to say, that there is nothing  more entertaining than being lectured on the environment by a country which can’t even get all of the human waste out of their Olympic watersport venues.

The little, brain dead leftists who populate the governmental boards which plan these events think they just have to insert their agitprop into everything they touch.  When the games were held in England they even had an ode to frickin’ NHS of all things.  I am surprised they didn’t have big, brown dancing teeth as well.  I mean they have to have gone somewhere!  And I shudder to think what we will be treated to when the next Olympics is held in the US.  Maybe policemen running around shooting black children, or a paean to Planned Parenthood.  I swear to God, it is like something has been put in the water which lowers IQ by about 30 pts or so.  There is an environmental catastrophe which no one is talking about.

Here is a pro tip for future Olympic planners, if you suck at something you probably shouldn’t call attention to it. Yes, I know you think it is a prime opportunity to lobby for more money for the NHS, or to shake down the developed world over warming/not warming, but when you do that it doesn’t fool anybody and it makes you look desperate.

If there was a way to measure beauty Brazilians would lead the world in the per capita statistics.  It is too bad their leaders can’t behave themselves and decided to be so ugly when they had a chance to present their country in its best light.

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