Big News If True – Claim is Now Being Made that FBI Has Clinton’s Deleted E-mails

Kim Dotcom is a young hacker and criminal who ran one of the more successful torrent sites before it was shut down.  He is now claiming that the FBI has Hillary’s deleted e-mails and that Obama has been informed.

I find it extremely likely that someone has Hillary’s e-mails given the fact that she considered cyber-security to consist of little more than putting a better lock on the bathroom door.  It has been confirmed that there were several attacks on her server, and given the level of security involved anyone who wanted her e-mails could have gotten them.  Heck, many of them ended up splashed all over a known sex perverts hard drive just by happenstance.  What are the chances that a skilled and determined hacker could not have gotten them?

If this report is true then it will be interesting to see how the FBI got them and from which of many possible sources.  There are some other interesting things on Kim’s Twitter feed including allegations that the New Zealand Prime Minister gave money to the Clinton Crime Syndicate so check it out for yourself.

It is hard for me to comprehend the level of arrogance it would take for someone to run for president when they have as much to hide as Hillary does.  Tribute must be a helluva drug.

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