What Is Best In Life?

To trigger your enemies,

See them driven from their safe spaces,

And hear the lamentations of their transwomen.

There will be a lot of good reading this week as the clueless elite try to craft a narrative that doesn’t make them look like idiots.  I predict they will do this by insulting the common man.

More importantly though, if Trump hangs on and wins we will now get to see if the Republicans have any principles left. They will control all three branches of government and they had damned well better move us back to a more restrained, constitutionally compliant form of government or there will be absolute hell to pay.

I think no matter who the president is we are sitting on a time bomb with our debt and economy. We practice Keynesianism, but given the size of our national debt we can’t afford to raise interest rates to prepare for the next downcycle.  You want to raise the interest rate around 5% when the economy is not in recession so you can goose it by lowering rates when things slow down again.  That is the theory.  But in practice you just throw good money after bad as it gets harder and harder to artificially inflate each successive bubble.  A 5% interest rate increase would increase the federal budget by around another trillion dollars in debt service.  That would sink the economy all by itself if you tried to pay for it.  And if you don’t pay for it then hello Venezuela!

The window for turning this thing around is closing.  We are not guaranteed any more opportunities.  We need our ruling class to man up, and we need the GOPe to start acting like adults rather than just being concerned with keeping their seats while accomplishing nothing more than admiring the scenery as we go over the cliff.

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