Trump vs. Trudeau is like Godzilla vs. Bambi

At least that is what this Canadian analyst is arguing.

What we are seeing here is the world coming to terms with the fact that one of the co-conspirators in global elite’s quest to order the world to their liking has turned on them and they are left exposed.  Previously Canada could get away with having a corporate tax between 30-40% and could agree to inflict an antediluvean carbon tax (Caveman politician: Hey is that fire? I will someday invent a way to tax that!)  because the US and other developed countries decided to do the same (or to at least pretend to do the same thing — China has never had any intent to participate and “European” is a synonym for weasel).  But what happens when the leader of a major power decides to represent the interests of his countrymen rather than those of internationalists who want to create a moat around their station so they can continue their life as parasites unmolested?

Well, as we see here Canada has to worry about the fact that no one will build a factory there if the tax rate is half that across the border.  Suddenly Detroit becomes a helluva lot more attractive.  Canada also has to realize that taxing carbon just because they can isn’t going to do anything but create jobs in the US because we have left the suicide pact.  And can you imagine anyone on this planet more ill-prepared to reopen NAFTA and negotiate the interests of his country than Trudeau?  24 Sussex will be renamed Trump Plaza Annex and Trudeau will be the bellman.

As we have seen with the mainland Chinese, everyone is adjusting to the fact that they will not get everything they want from the US just for the asking anymore. We will represent our own interests.  And given that Taiwan currently has the only legitimate Chinese government they should get the best treatment — especially in the light of Chinese aggression.

I don’t know what to think of Trump and Putin since I don’t really have enough data.  My first impression is that Trump knows Putin is one of the few leader canny enough to hold his own at a negotiating table.  So you always say nice things about such people while you go about the business of picking their pockets.  You certainly can’t bully him.  And for his part, Putin knows he won’t be able to push Trump around.  This idea that somehow he would rather have Trump than Clinton as US President is just silly given how compromised she was.  Putin probably reads Hillary’s e-mails at the breakfast table for entertainment like how the rest of us read our favorite blog.  And somehow it is supposed to be a bad thing that the party which won the White House was the one competent enough to keep its e-mails from being hacked during the election?  If Putin had wanted to influence Hillary he would have just done what everyone else did, he would have bought her by making a donation to her foundation.

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