Man Flees Free Healthcare

Here is a video of a man fleeing a country which has everything “progressives” want in the US — “free” healthcare, government regulation of “hate speech”, compulsory education and government service, a vanishingly small eco-footprint, and low CO2 emissions etc…

I found this footage really quite extraordinary.  The good part is around 1:10 where the North Korean soldiers trying to capture him make like the Keystone Cops and can’t manage to get a lethal shot into the guy even though they are only feet away from him.  They hit him a few times, but don’t manage to bring him down before he gets to the other side and freedom.

Once there the South Koreans found he was undernourished, and his body was filled with parasitic worms — which apparently is a condition not covered under Nork-u-care.  Hopefully the defector will have a long and healthy life where he can make his own decisions and think his own thoughts.  And unlike previous generations, he will have more than a tale to tell his grandchildren, he will have the actual footage to show them where he dragged his oversized man-balls across the border so that they could bounce freely and unencumbered without the likes of Lil’ Kim clinging to them.

The North Koreans will no doubt be angry that they lost one of their citizens subjects, so I propose we do what Obama did with Iran and trade them something they have absolutely no right to have in return for absolutely nothing.  I say we give them someone who will be grateful to live under a government which provides for all of his needs and which does not allow anyone to grow rich at the expense of others.  I am sure Bernie will make a model citizen.  And he can leave all of his stuff here to be redistributed so it is a win-win all around!

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