Captain Marvel Is a Horrible Person

I don’t know how Marvel seems to find the most horrible people to populate its franchises but the new Ms. Marvel is going to fit right in.

Here she is pissed that some guy she thinks is beneath her had the temerity to ask for her number.

Oh, the humanity!  Others tried to talk her down by pointing out that it would literally mean the end of the human race if no one could make the first move.  Most of the comments were pretty nice (if incredulous) like this guy’s.

Then, in a now deleted tweet, the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe turned the hysteria up to 11 by accusing the guy who pointed out she was being a bit of a drama queen of saying that she brought it on herself like a rape victim.

Don’t smile at this woman. Don’t go near her. Don’t speak to her. There is no telling what sort of crime you will be accused of if you do because she is bonkers.

Someone at Marvel needs to reel her in. She already deleted some of the tweets related to this so the links might go bad at any time. I would like to think she was drunk, or on drugs but I think the only thing in her system was social justice bullshit. She has made remarks like this before where she pretends she has carried the world on her shoulders instead of being rewarded for winning the pretty face lottery.

She and Chris Evans should get along famously. I think a lot of the appeal of social justice is that it empowers stupid people who don’t understand why the world does not reward their stupidity. They aren’t laughed at because they can’t string together a rational chain of thought.  They are really victims of this, or that, or the other thing.  They have been wronged.  And conveniently this means they never have to engage in self-reflection or improvement.  It is everyone else who has to change.

Even I, as insensitive as I am, and as self-absorbed as I am have usually managed to treat people who had crushes on me better.  I have attended birthday parties in middle school of people I didn’t even like just because I knew I was their first crush and needed to let them down easy.  One girl in high school tricked me into coming over to her house for what she said was a “party.”  I, being a socially awkward dweeb thought I was just the first one there.  I missed so many come on clues that it had to be mortifying for the poor girl.  I remember asking something about where everyone was and when the party would start, and she just became frustrated and asked me if I wanted a pony too.  But the point is, I still feel bad about that to this day.  Sure, I don’t like being manipulated, and greatly prefer being approached directly, but now that I am more mature I can see that I should have been flattered by it, picked up on it sooner, and handled it better.  Had the girl I had a crush on at the time done the same thing I would have been ecstatic and I would not have missed the clues. But I never thought of this girl in that way.  Lesson learned.

But even at my worst I never pretended I was a victim because someone LIKED me! How is it even possible to think that way?

Brie has the narcissism of a pretty girl who never had to work for it, and who always had other options should she get shot down.  Sure, it has to be tiring handling a lot of masculine attention, but she has been more than rewarded for those inconveniences and should display more humility.

It is no wonder she looks so stony faced and angry in the trailers.  She is afraid if she smiles the millions who see the movie will ask for her phone number.

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