Completely Oblivious Couple Protests Against Ridiculous Rule that Prevents them from Promoting Candidate Who Promulgates Ridiculous Rules

In what has to be one of the most schadenfreudtastic cases of Blue on Blue court violence to come down the pike, a couple in Fairfax, VA is suing their homeowner’s association for the right to put up an Obama sign in their yard.

It is amazing how people always scream when it is their own tit in the wringer but they are completely fine with subjecting the rest of us to similarly burdensome overregulation.

To complete her entry for the Political Tin Ear of the Century Award the homeowner, Maria  Farren was quoted as saying,

“It’s like we weren’t living in America.  You are always one board election away from a tyranny. They wield enormous power.”

To which we can only say, “Duh!”

How is it that people like Mrs. Farren can see the perilous consequences of a HOA having too much power but is fine with a president who rules by whim and fiat, keeps a list of people to be executed, and who makes no bones about his job being to punish his political enemies and reallocate the resources of an entire country as he sees fit?

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