Let us never forget the debt we all owe to William Jefferson Clinton

If you look at the two greatest tragedies that have befallen our country in the last generation they can both be laid directly at the feet of Bill Clinton.

He had at least one, and likely several chances to kill or capture Osama bin Laden and took a pass.  This allowed Osama to continue to build his terror network and ideological movement to the point where he was able to stage the Twin Towers attack resulting in thousands of dead and a decade of war between civilization and radical Islam.  Then to hide his failure he sent Sandy Berger in to steal documents that incriminated his administration.  If a Republican had done this he would rightfully have been purged from the party and would live in well deserved disgrace.

But people expect very little of Democrats so Bill gets a pass.  As it turns out there wasn’t even a need to steal any documents because no one on the left is ever held accountable for anything.   Just as they reward their constituents for acting irresponsibly their constituents overlook their own failures and reward them with votes.  It is the blind leading the blind.  As long as no one shines a light into the darkness no one will know the difference.

Clinton was every bit as much a disaster on the home front as well.  His expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act and loosening of lending standards for purposes of social justice was the direct cause of the mortgage meltdown.  The fact that the right has failed to even attempt to point this out is an indictment of just how useless the Republican party is and how little they believe their own ideals.  Indeed, were there allowed to be a free market there would have been no meltdown at all since it was a completely government manufactured phenomena and was inevitable once the politicians imposed their preferred and unrealistic set of incentives on the marketplace.

People blame presidents for what happens on their watch even though the seeds are often planted well before they take office and they can do nothing but react.  So too the seeds they plant will not sprout until their successor takes office.  It was president Bush who oversaw the bitter harvest of Clinton’s sins and he deserves a better defense than any on the right have given him.  It remains to be seen who will pay for Obama’s serial idiocies… well besides every child born between now and the end of the Republic as we try to pay down the catastrophic bill he has left behind.

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