Woman lets internet contest name her baby – You have to hope they don’t pick something stupid like Barack.  Who wants to be named by a parrot before it has even learned to talk? Ba-raaack…

Billionaire wants to send married couple to Mars –  If men are from Mars and women from Venus I suspect we can see a lawsuit over the choice of destinations.  Don’t get too excited, apparently the couple are in their fifties so there won’t be any racy footage to pass around.  We will still have to depend on the Industrial Porn Complex to satiate those fantasies.

Your chair wants you dead –  Just to show that nothing is safe Popular Science has compiled a risk of the ways sitting can kill you.  Why don’t we just acknowledge that living is the leading cause of death and leave it at that?

 Obama ready to halt global warming through destroying the economy – so I thought I would link to these pictures of Siberia just to show what we are up against.

Another article trying to quantify the unknowable –  All we know for sure is that Obamacare was meant to fail and lead to yet another excuse for yet another government intervention.  Just like with the mortgage industry where they justified Fannie/Freddie/CRA actions based on past problems and then when these “solutions” ended up causing a crash larger than they the one they were supposed to prevent we just doubled down on the stupid.

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