The Magic $85 Billion

As you know if you have watched any media lately the country is about to come to an end.  We may cut roughly 2% from the federal budget.  Oh, did I say from the budget?  No, I meant 2% from the projected budget which is more than the current budget and will still be more after the “cut.”  But that is beside the point.  We don’t want to confuse things with facts or logic.  That is not how federal budgets are done.

Here are the things that the press and Obama (but I repeat myself) are saying we will have to do without:

Aircraft carriers will not be deployed

Criminal, illegal aliens (but again I repeat myself) will be released.

Vaccines and meals for the elderly will be eliminated

And just to save time, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost (all in whatever field you are in), your food will be rotten due to no inspectors, your girlfriend will break up with you, your dog will eat your favorite sneakers and in short, no branch of government will function properly (no change there apparently).  Oh, and also parks will be closed because as we all know grass, dirt and rocks cease to exist should there not be a bureaucrat there to officiate over them.  It is the end times!

So here is my proposal.  Since this $85 billion funds EVERYTHING let’s keep it and cut all of the rest of the spending since apparently it is all wasted and provides NOTHING!  2% is probably about right for the ratio of services we need government to provide to what it attempts to provide (and ends up wasting) so there is really no downside.

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