From the front lines of the PC wars

From the front lines of the PC wars comes this;

A woman by the name of Adria Richards (her parents were apparently too cheap to buy a consonant to go with all of the vowels in her first name) was at a tech convention and overheard a nerd behind her talking to his friend about his “big dongle.”  She then proceeded to have him removed from the event and eventually, after publicizing what happened and showing his picture on her blog, he was fired.  He left behind a job he loved and now has to find a way to support his three kids.  No doubt a fitting and appropriate punishment for forcing someone, whom he didn’t know was listening, to acknowledge in her own mind for even an instant that men often have sex organs and like to make jokes about them.

Her theory was apparently that women have to be coddled and made to feel welcome in the tech fields (as if they are some precious specie of flower that will wilt) — and overhearing someone having a conversation with a third party wherein a slightly off-color, nerd joke is told should be a firing offense.  To say this woman has set back the quest for sexual equality is an understatement.  She has, in one fell swoop, given credence to every stereotype of women being fragile, intolerant, emotional and irrational that there is.  You go girl!  You are definitely the equal of any man I know… except for that whole thing about forgetting to wear your big girl panties and being a prude about sex.  Outside of that though you could be a frickin’ lumberjack Adria, a lumberjack!

This will come as a shock to feminists and the PC police but most women I know are neither infants nor prudes.  They can give as good as they get and most tell as many off-color jokes as men.  Certainly they don’t run from the room screaming when watching the typical sitcom which is often WAY more offensive than a simple dongle joke.

But this story, unlike most of its ilk, has a happy ending.  The guy apologized publicly and went about his business. But Adria found herself in the center of an online media shit storm for her behavior in this episode and lost her job as well!  It is sad it had to come to this but the intolerance of the left is as great as any they seek to pin on the religious right.  In fact it is worse since there is separation of Church and state… but not of secular religions such as leftism and state.

The lesson here folks is that you aren’t supposed to take all of those grievance studies courses seriously that they shove down your throats in college.  Even the people who teach them are cynical about it and just see such teachings as a means to power.  They make their nut by being perpetually outraged and by trying to climb the ladder of victimhood to the very top.  But in the real world, no one wants to have a preening, intolerant, irrational, sexist fool like Adria representing their company, nor do they want to tiptoe around looking to see who the PC hall monitor is before they have the sorts of conversation that all adults have with one another every day.  People really do get tired of talking like third graders and saying poopie all the time when they mean something else.

Adria stated that she felt it was the company’s responsibility to see to it that she had a nurturing environment where she was constantly reassured that she was wanted and respected.  You see what this language is, right?  It is relationship language.  It is emotional and not professional.  It is needy and clinging with a hell of a passive aggressive wallop and the implied threat of a lawsuit to back up her right not to be offended.  It is impossible to work with such a person and I pity anyone who gets stuck in a relationship with someone like that.  Oh, and the hell with you if you are offended by people like Adria and their intolerance.  Your feelings do not count… OPPRESSOR!  WHITE MALE!  HETEROMATIVE BIGOT!  CARRIER OF THE DREADED PENIS COOTIES!

But all is well that ends well.  Let’s just say this was a teachable moment.

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