Supreme Court Takes Up Gay Marriage Cases

This issue really doesn’t interest me so much.  I don’t see the need to have the government define people’s relationships.  The only exception being that there have to be some rules as to who is responsible for offspring.  Gay couples do not produce offspring (as couples) but they can adopt so whatever rules apply to straight couples who adopt should apply to them.  The main problem is that the government likes to dole out rights that are based on marriage.

Heinlein had an interesting novel where the couples could sign up for whatever sort of marriage contract they liked… and for a preset term, with I assume, an option to renew.  That seems the most civilized way to go about it.  It is impossible to imagine that every couple would want exactly the same arrangement or exactly the same things out of a marriage but the rules are one size fits all… except gays don’t currently fit do they?   That would not be a problem if marriage contracts were private and negotiable.

At any rate, here is my prediction as to how the court will rule.

  • Kagan – Why is everyone asking me to recuse myself?
  • Sotomayor – Just a sec… I need to call the White House and see how far we have evolved.
  • Roberts – Can someone read this for me?  (holds up copy of
    “See Spot Run and Other Big Words”)
  • Scalia – Dear Lord, why do you beset me with such dumbasses on every side?
  • Kennedy – Oh, the children!
  • Thomas – I seem to be unable to find the part of the Constitution that authorizes us to interfere here one way or the other.
  • Breyer – There is a little known codicil to a 6th century Mayan law that was initially put forth by the priesthood of Quetzalcoatl that is particularly on point here…
  • Little Ruthie Ginsberg – ZZZZZzzzzz….
  • Alito – This damn Magic Eight Ball never seems to work right.

Really, the way they deliberate is no more serious than what I have described.  Only a few of them even make an effort to pretend to follow the Constitution.  Every single one of the leftist judges is completely reliable in ruling for whatever is fashionable amongst progressives.  They have no discernible jurisprudence of any sort.

BTW, I would be remiss in mentioning the Supreme Court without reiterating that John Roberts is both illiterate and a traitor.  He needs to face a social sanction for what he did in the Obamacare decision.  He should never live that down as long as he lives… not even if he eventually cures cancer and ends war on this planet for all time.  None of that would lessen his crime or rehabilitate his reputation even a whit in my eyes.

Anyway if you are interested in this then do the link.


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