US bolsters missile defences in face of North Korea nuke threat – North-Korea-fires-off-missiles-into-sea-of-Japan

Obama started his first term by cancelling a plan to put interceptors in Eastern Europe to stop a potential Iranian missile from reaching the US.  Now he is starting his second term by having to deploy interceptors to stop North Korea from hitting the US with a nuclear missile.

Despite Obama’s view that the US was the cause of all the world’s problems, and that all we needed to do was sit down with these people and talk, it seems the world really is a dangerous place.  Who would have thunk it?

Since it doesn’t seem like we are serious about preventing the Iranians from getting a nuclear missile, if I were one of the Eastern European countries who got screwed over on the original deal I would demand twice as much when the US comes crawling back.  There has to be a price for that sort of stupidity and inconstancy.  It is like when you screw up with your girlfriend… you know she will forgive you but there will be a certain tribute expected… even if it is only grovelling.  But then Obama only grovels to our enemies.

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