A Modest Proposal to Solve the Border Crisis

Everyone knows that the current impasse where millions of people are in our country illegally is due to the government’s inability or unwillingness to secure our borders.  It is seen as an expensive proposition to fix the problem, and it is beneficial to see the problem continue for certain groups who wish to import cheap labor or who wish to add a cohort to the electorate that is ignorant of our foundational principles as a country — the very principles which have caused us to prosper and made us so attractive to immigrants in the first place.

Currently the left is using the optics of turning back children in a completely cynical fashion for political effect while continuing to encourage them to come… much like how Hamas decries the civilian casualties caused by their using their own people as props for their agitprop.  We don’t see the many immigrants who die along the way as a result of being encouraged to come here.  I suspect as far as the cost in human lives goes even a minefield along the entire border would be more humane as it would likely only take one or two explosions before everyone understood they couldn’t cross the border anymore.  As it now stands hundreds, if not thousands die each year on the trek to the US and many more are abused, raped or robbed along the way.  Needless to say a minefield is not a viable, or debatably even a moral option, but if that is so, and if it would cause less deaths than our current policy, then what does that say for the status quo?

Fortunately there are other options still available that even a hostile Congress could not stop a president from implementing and that would be essentially cost free.  And they would not require a president to operate outside his constitutionally proscribed powers as Obama is doing in an effort to exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.  All it would entail would be to simply take the left at its word that borders don’t matter.

Contact the Mexican government and tell them that you agree to keep the border open and will accept as many citizens as they wish to allow to come — as long as the border moves south at some rate dependent upon how many people move north.  Having more citizens to care for who were once Mexican nationals it is only fair that we take additional territory to provide for them.  Propose some trade whereby for every thousand people who come across the border we will move the border a mile south.  It doesn’t really make a difference what the ratio is just so long as it is made clear that there will be an exchange made and we are open to negotiation on the figure, but are keeping count in the interim.

Mexico can hardly protest since they have not respected the border so why should it matter where we draw the line?  I think the end result would be that the Mexicans would do all of the work in securing the border for us and it would cost us very little.  It would only take stationing a few National Guard units there for a short while to indicate our seriousness.  Congress could do nothing to stop it since the president is Commander in Chief and he is not waging war… just threatening it.  And all of our troops would be contained on our own soil.

Since we outsource everything else to low wage workers from other countries we might as well have them build a secure border for us as well.  Let Mexico suffer the optics of turning people back and bear the cost of keeping the border secure.  They are the ones who abused it and caused the problem.  It is only fair they should bear the burden of fixing it.  We are already housing and feeding their citizens.  We have done more than our share.

Heck, you might even be able to achieve the same goal by simply having a popular movement to acquire more territory or having the Republicans negotiate for such in return for amnesty. The Mexican government has to be faced with potentially paying some price or they have no incentive to help solve the problem.  They know we are a good natured and big hearted people.  They take advantage of that fact.  But at some point it has to stop.  If they really want us to take over the role of providing government services to their people then what purpose does the Mexican government serve?  Why not have us do it for them and for their entire population?  Why not make all or part of Mexico a state if we are ignoring borders?  Why are borders only sacred when it comes to geography and not humanity?  I mean if Mexico has failed so completely why should the people be the ones who have to relocate?  Why can’t we just remove their failed government and put one we prefer in its place?  This going without borders business is very liberating when you think about it.  There are lots of consequences that come into play other than just the ones the left wants to see.  They should be made to consider these consequences.

And who knows, there might even be Democrats who would want to see another state that votes for their party established in Northern Mexico.  That is what they are angling for after all — an electoral advantage.  That is all the left cherishes — power.  They have little or no compunction as to how it is acquired as we see with the complete and utter lawlessness of the current administration.  Such is the history and nature of leftism at all times, amongst all people.  Does the Mexican government really think they can trust their allies on the left in the US not to grab at the chance to expand their base?  Maybe the Republicans would even trade a new Southern New Mexico state for dividing California up into several smaller Republican leaning states so that the number of Senators would balance out between the parties.

If talk like this started I think it would not take long before the flood over the border became a trickle and we wouldn’t have to lift a finger or spend a dime to see it happen… all it would take is simply calling the bluff of the open borders crowd.  Welcome ALL of the people (and territory)  of Mexico, because to do otherwise would, as we have been endlessly told, constitute racism.

No borders, no limits on executive action… what could possibly go wrong?

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