Full Frontal Facism

Full frontal fascism is what I like to call the current governing strategy of the left.  They just aren’t even bothering to hide their true nature anymore.  As evidence comes today’s article by Jonathan Alter calling for loyalty oaths to be administered to US corporations whereby they agree that no matter how bad, or how destructive the policies of our government become they will not attempt to preserve their assets or to move to more enlightened countries to conduct their business.

The most fascinating thing about this is how utterly ignorant of history one would have to be to make such a proposal.  Socialist countries always have to find a scapegoat to blame for the inevitable outcomes of their avaricious policies.  They always try to implement currency controls when capital flees and they always point to the greedy businesses and middle class as the problem.  This is as old as socialism itself.  It is always the end game.  It should be impossible for someone to live to be Alter’s age and not understand all of this… yet he doesn’t.

Alter may be profoundly ignorant of economics and history but he and those like him still perform an important function.  As a collective they can serve as a sort of mindless canary in the coal mine to tell us how desperate the left is to maintain control and to excuse the failure of their rule.  They can tell us just how deep the rot has become.

Now the question is — what are we going to do about it?

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