Clemson Sexually Harrasses its Entire Faculty and Student Body

Imagine going to work and being forced to answer a questionnaire that asks you intimate questions about your sex life such as how often you do it, how you do it, with how many people you do it, what sort of birth control you use etc…

Well that is what Clemson University is trying to force its faculty and student body to do under the guise of Title IX training.  Those who refuse to take the test will be in violation of the student code of conduct or will have the incident recorded in their work history.  It remains to be seen if Clemson will follow through with this obscene threat now that their bullying has been exposed, but it just shows how absurd the obsession with sex on college campuses has become.  The left is desperate for more fodder for the War on Women meme, and they are willing to harass every last coed in the country to find it.

Like I say, if Footloose is ever remade the prudish and sexually repressed preacher will have to be replaced by a prudish and sexually repressed Title IX administrator just to make it more believable.

Why colleges aren’t run like any other business where you pay your money and they provide you a service is something that I just don’t understand and it needs to be fixed.  Universities have no moral authority and should not be in the business of trying to control people’s behavior.  They aren’t there to indoctrinate people — or at least they shouldn’t be — they should provide the knowledge that people pay them to provide and nothing more.

I also think they shouldn’t screen their applicants but operate like every other business and accept any customer who is willing and able to pay.  If you have too many applicants then you staff up to meet demand.  If a kid isn’t up to snuff then he will fail out and find a college better matching his needs.  But the thought of a committee getting together and being gatekeepers to knowledge should be abhorrent to free and decent people everywhere.  It only leads to abuses like we see at Clemson and elsewhere.

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