Nazi Puppy Scourge Brought to an End in Europe

A man in Germany was sentenced to five months in prison for naming his dog Adolph and teaching it to raise its front paw in imitation of the Nazi salute when anyone says “Heil, Hitler.”

I am equally depressed at both the man’s behavior and that he was punished for it.

But I have to admit that I will sleep better tonight knowing that a pack of jackbooted pugs will not be knocking on my door and dragging me off to the kennels.


Checking further conflicting reports it seems that they weren’t able make the puppy charge stick but jailed the man for other acts involving support of the Nazis.

But a Berlin justice official said later on Wednesday prosecutors were dropping the specific charges against the man related to the dog and instead focussing on other incidents in which the man was seen by witnesses using outlawed language such as ‘Sieg Heil’ and ‘Heil Hitler’ in public.

More information here as well;

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