Rotterham Whistleblower Threatened by Police

The woman who sounded the alarm which revealed the Islamic rape ring which preyed upon the children of Rotterham had been threatened by police in order to gain her silence.

The way the report is written though indicates to me that the people running things in England and those reporting on the story are still not willing to ask the difficult questions — namely, were the officers coreligionists or from the same culture as the assailants?  Outside of being bought off, it seems their most likely motivation would be that they were taking orders from, or were members of, one of the two cults who made this tragedy possible — Islam or Progressivism.Without that information it is impossible to put this incident into perspective and it is a question that should have been asked immediately.  What possible motivation could someone have to cover for a ring of pedophiles as prolific as the one that preyed upon Rotterham?  My guesses in order:1: They were ordered to make the reports stop for PC reasons and did so in a ham-handed fashion (threatening to give out the whistleblower’s address.)2: Someone higher up was receiving “services” from the ring or otherwise participating in it.3: They had cultural or religious reasons to protect the perpetrators.4:  They were bought off.  This is the only possibility mentioned in the articles I have read and I find it the least likely by far given that we know for a fact people wanted to ignore this problem for PC reasons at every other level of government.   Everything I have read about this situation indicates to me that people have still not learned the proper lessons.

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