They Want to Harvest Our Organs

Tennessee is the Volunteer state for a reason.  According to the Tennessean organ donations rates are higher here, and elsewhere in the south, than in the other regions of the country.  This is no surprise since Republicans tend to donate more to charity and to be more religious and Tennessee along with the rest of the south tends to be Republican.

In Tennessee, around 80 percent of individuals and families say yes when approached about organ donation, he said, which is significantly higher than in California, New York or New England.

But since liver donations are distributed within geographic areas the powers that be are threatening to redo those regions to make up for how stingy other areas are.

What they are wanting to do is take the areas of high donation rates, like the South, and turn them into an organ farm to send them from areas of high donation rates to areas of low donation

New York has about 3 times the population of Tennessee but only donated 313 livers last year vs 287 from Tennessee.  There are a lot of good people in these parts.

I filled out the organ donation card on the back of my first driver’s license the day I got it.  If you haven’t done so then now would be a good time.  I have been blessed in never knowing anyone who needed an organ but it just seems silly to deny someone something I would no longer have a need for.  It is a way for even the most cowardly amongst us to be a hero.

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