Coopt Your Opponent’s Stupidity

Sometimes politicians will utter things that should completely disqualify them from holding office.  If a politician on the right does that then his career is usually over.  If the politician is on the left then he has the inside track to the presidency.

Hillary Clinton throws her hat into the ring by laying out her bonafides;

Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.

Sound familiar?  It should since it is essentially a remix of Obama;

You didn’t build that.

Get that punk?  You built nothing.  You hired no one.  You are a non-entity in their eyes.  To the extent you exist or accomplish anything it is only because they allowed you to do so or made it possible.

It is impossible to express in words the sheer stupidity it would take for someone to utter statements like these and mean them.  I can’t imagine the contempt that they must have for the intelligence of the ordinary person who understands that they need a job to put food on the table and that are grateful to have them.  Unlike politicians they can’t just vote themselves more money.  They can’t exchange favors for power, donations or business opportunities.  They have to exchange the value of their labor in return for a wage and the entities which provide those wages are called businesses.

Democrats like to play the 1% card even though most of the donations from that cohort go to them and their party.  If you are going to buy a politician then which one will have the most worth to you, one who is loath to allow government to meddle in the markets or one who will regulate your competition out of business?   The portion of the 1% that people resent got that way through crony capitalism.  People do not resent the inventor or businessman.  But they know when the government intervenes to pick the winners and losers that something fundamentally unfair has happened.  Force has been used.  The game has been rigged.  And we have the solar panels we paid to manufacture to prove it… well, actually we don’t.  But that is another story.

I am amazed that Republicans allow the Democrats to demagogue a losing issue for them when it is refuted so easily.  Other than pointing out the facts about where the donations go and who they come from it would be easy enough to simply call their bluff.  Just propose making politicians put all of their assets in blind trusts before they take office.  I am shocked that this isn’t already done because otherwise the potential for self-dealing is far too great.  Maybe they would think twice about distorting the market if they couldn’t be sure whether the distortion would inure to their benefit or detriment.  Maybe they would then find it in their interest to see to the general welfare rather than trying to put everyone on welfare.

Another thing that could be done is their salary could be tied to the GDP so that when they screw things up they take a hit for it.  There are lots of mechanisms that could be used.  They just need to be made to have skin in the game.

It would not take them long to find workarounds… such as funneling everything through a relative or back-loading legislation so that they benefit once they leave office.  I am sure they would think of more schemes than I can because they would put their resources to it and they are devious little rat bastards the lot of them.  The only thing they are truly good at is using their pointy little teeth to chew through the fabric of society.  But even so the likely effects of schemes such as mentioned above might be salutary since it gives them incentives to leave office earlier and it makes them waste their energies dodging onerous regulations rather than conspiring with one another as to how to apply onerous regulations to the rest of us.  Additionally, relatives are not always trustworthy and divorces happen so there are major pitfalls to the most obvious workarounds.

Once you see what subterfuges they come up with then you can campaign for more regulations.  Perhaps they could be barred from working for five years once they leave office… at least in fields like lobbying or consulting.  Eventually, if things go like they do in the regulation of other industries we could ratchet it up to where the Supreme Court would allow us to ship them all to Siberia once they are voted out of office.

After all, if they truly believe in global warming how cold could it really get there?  According to Al Gore it will be like a Mediterranean resort in but a few years.  Just throw another polar bear on the barby mate!

The reason this sort of legislation isn’t proposed is because the Republicans benefit from this cronyism too,  just not as much.  They can make an esoteric argument about how the government should not be allowed to pick the winners and losers or about how a thriving economy cannot be built on force, but it is more visceral and more effective to reforge the incentives around crafting new legislation.  No one can object to removing the potential for graft and self-dealing.  Everyone knows that is the principle business that is conducted in Washington.  We wouldn’t let a casino in Vegas stack the cards so why should we allow politicians to do that with the entire economy?  The ads write themselves but the Republican establishment is more interested in dipping its beak.

Hillary and Obama make asinine statements which would flunk a middle school child out of economics because they know it plays well with a certain segment of their base who are economically illiterate and full of resentment at finding themselves unable to understand how the world works.  Probably the fastest growing demographic in the country is stupid people so kudos to the left for pandering to them.  They know they can say one thing to one group today and another tomorrow to a different group and never be held accountable for it.  But they have created a Frankenstein’s monster that can easily be set against them if only someone were smart enough and determined enough to do it.

Whenever that person comes along he has my vote, but he won’t need it because he will already have everyone else’s as well.

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