God Created Socialism So Fools Could Have Their Own Club

They just can’t seem to ever figure out how to pay the dues.

Socialist Party Unable to Pay the $20 Minimum Wage It Demands Everyone Else Pay

Economic illiteracy is an epidemic these days.  This is the problem with humoring people and creating things like a minimum wage.  It has to be set low enough that it essentially has no effect, otherwise people lose their jobs or are never hired.  Then people come to accept that it has some beneficial effect even though the first politicians to pass it were cynical enough to know they had to keep it lower than the prevailing market wages.

Eventually people come to think they are somehow being cheated because it hasn’t been raised in a while.  And a new generation is educated in the law of supply and demand while standing on the unemployment line.  It would be easier just to teach the same lesson in school — but then politicians would lose one of their favorite scams.

An educated populace is not a leftist one.

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