Minnesota Has Trouble Sexing its Children

Anyone familiar with raising animals knows that some species have to be sexed when they are born, which is the process of examining them to determine if they are roosters or hens for instance.  Apparently this process, which has sufficed for the entirety of human existence, is no longer good enough in Minnesota where there is a —

proposal to allow transgender students to play on teams based on their preferred gender rather than the sex assigned to them at birth.

To interpret that last bit of gobbledygook for you, by “sex assigned to them at birth” they mean the sex they were born as.  Using the word “assigned” makes it seem like there is some choice involved in the matter and someone has imposed their own choice on these kids.  You see, they would have us believe that it is just a matter of the paperwork being wrong.  The sexer just wasn’t good enough at his job.

The problems with this proposal are so obvious that I hesitate to bore the reader with pointing them out.  Even the Olympics requires people to compete as their biological sex rather than as whichever gender they prefer.  How could it be otherwise?  If a system such as is being proposed in Minnesota were used in the Olympics it would not be long before the only people competing would be men, and men who “identify” as women.  That is to say men who lie in order to get on the women’s Olympic teams where the competition is easier.  The stakes are lower with high school sports so there would be less incentive to lie, but the incentives would still be pretty strong for those planning ahead.

But what are the repercussions of what is being asked here?  Biological males (which is to say males with all of the normal functioning parts) will shower with girls and sleep with them when their teams go on the road.  Girls will be asked to compete against boys who are more physically imposing and thus more able to injure them.  Private religious schools will be forced to decide whether to allow their girls to compete against boys or whether they will have to forfeit.  And if gender is a choice then a person can as easily choose to re-identify as a male in the hotel room as they can choose to identify as a female on the ball field.  It is of course madness of a very obvious sort.

And what would constitute sexual harassment in these cases?  The University of Tennessee once paid a settlement to a female trainer who happened to see Peyton Manning moon another player in the locker room.  Yet here we are requiring girls to share a locker room with a male?  It gets really confusing really fast and the upshot is that no one will ever be safe no matter how they behave.  Which I guess is the point.

There is a fairly hilarious correction at the end of the Wapo piece I linked to which illustrates just how confusing it can be;

Correction: An earlier version of this story used an incorrect pronoun in the caption for the person in the photograph, Zeam Porter. Porter’s preferred pronouns are “they” and “them.”

It is easier to control people when they are guilty of something.  It doesn’t matter what.  Insensitivity is considered a greater crime than even treason these days as we see in the case of another Manning, this time Chelsea, who turned over secrets to our enemies supposedly because his/her feelings were hurt.  And insensitivity is the most useful crime to accuse someone of since it is so nebulous.  Here Manning helped people who would hang him/her to get back at those who wouldn’t give him/her every single thing he/she wanted exactly when he/she wanted it.  But it is the Army who is considered insensitive by the PC crowd, not Manning who aided terrorists, or even the terrorists themselves.  No one can figure this mess out because it is all just post hoc rationalization.

I have no doubt that there are some people who sincerely believe they were born as the wrong sex.  But there are also people who sincerely believe they were born as Napoleon.  We don’t humor them by expecting France to let them all have a go at invading Russia.  We don’t offer them cosmetic surgery to make them look more like Napoleon.  We don’t accede to their requests to call them “emperor.”  We might let them run around in the uniform (or dress in drag if they think they are Josephine) as long as they don’t expect us to play along, but that is about it.

All I can say is that if we are going to force others to participate in our fantasies then brother, you aren’t going to believe what I have in store for you!

Since we all get to choose our own pronouns now I will take “Lord” and “Master” as mine.  If you accept Zeam’s choice then on what basis would you be able to deny me my choice?  And won’t our language just be awfully inefficient and fraught with chances for people to take offense once we add the 30 or so pronouns advocated by transgender rights activists?  We won’t be having conversations, we will be negotiating minefields!  The upshot will be even less acceptance for transgendered people since no one will want to interact with them because it will be a pain in the ass that will inevitably end in a lecture… or worse.

Even the reporter at the Wapo who is so exquisitely attuned to the sensitivities of the transgender movement can’t get it right.  The entire English language will have to be savaged just to please a very, very small group of people way out on the far end of the bell curve.

I know I have been harsh here.  No one should bear transgenders any ill will.  If they and their doctors think the way to treat their problem is with a sex change then we wish them the best.  So little is known that it is not at all a given that the surgeries will be helpful, and leading them to think they can be something other than what they are may ultimately just be a worse form of cruelty as opposed to helping them accept who they are, but if that is the call they make then to hell with anyone who tries to stop them.

But if they expect to create entirely new genders which do not exist in nature, and to define the roles of those genders from scratch just to please themselves with the goal of imposing this structure on the rest of society then they have clearly overstepped their bounds.  If you are a biological male it does not matter what you call yourself or what gender you pretend to be.  You will compete with the boys.

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