Most of Our Scientists Just Aren’t

Scientists call for exercise data to be printed on packaging instead of calories.

I have a lot of trouble with this since obviously if someone is calling for a policy change or a new regulation they are not doing so in their capacity as a scientist.  Scientists are supposed to study systems and provide data.  It is then up to the rest of us to decide how we want to make use of that information.  Indeed, if a “scientist” makes such recommendations then their work is immediately suspect and should be discounted because they have an obvious bias and goal in mind.

I am old enough to remember when real scientists were reticent to give a policy opinions.  They would answer hypotheticals, but only after much cajoling and always preceded by a vanguard of caveats which made it clear they did not place much value in the exercise.  Now it seems the entire purpose that people “science” is to be able to make others do what they want.

It also looks like the information they want to include on labels is wrong anyway (shocking I know).  According to our would-be nannies in lab coats the 200 calories in a Coke is supposed to take 4.2 miles of running to burn off.  I am not an expert by any means but my fitness app I have says I burn right at 100 calories a mile given my height and weight.  And indeed, that is the problem here isn’t it?  The amount of calories a large man will burn per mile will be much greater than that a small girl will burn covering the same distance.  You would think a “scientist” would understand this.

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