Odd and Ends

The Supreme Court has blocked Wisconsin’s law requiring a photo ID for voters.  I would explain why, but the court did not bother to give a reason.  This is not unusual when they issue emergency orders.

I am sure the Supreme Court would be fine with requiring people to show a photo ID for a gun permit, even though throughout history more people have been killed as a result of how the public wields a ballot box than how they use their own personal firearms.

GAME OF THRONES SPOILER ALERT – They are filming one of the more memorable scenes  from the Game of Thrones books (I know the series is actually called A Song of Ice and FIre so all of you nerds can just de-snit yourselves — if you keep huffing like that you will need to use your inhaler).  They paid several hundred thousand dollars for security to make sure no one saw the scene and the cast and crew had to sign contracts penalizing them a quarter million dollars if any photos or information leaked out.  The scene is being filmed somewhere in Croatia where they cordoned off an entire block.

If you have read the books then you know exactly which scene I am referring to.  If you haven’t then we will just call it Cersei’s Shame and assure you it is epic.

I had really hoped there would be another book out this Christmas.  But frankly, when you are a writer like Martin who comes into fame and fortune so late in life, it would be a lot more fun to hobnob with the rich and beautiful than to do the hard work of sitting down and grinding out a few hundred more words.  “What will we do this week, George?  Describe Tyrion’s saddle or go on a publicity tour to the South of France?”

The guy has been a nerd his entire life and finally he gets to be the popular guy with all of the beautiful women and money.  He needs and deserves to enjoy it. But all of his fans are freaking out that he might die before he finishes the series due to how slowly he writes.  With all of the distractions and interruptions they might have a valid, if selfishly ghoulish, concern.  But in this world of instant gratification it is healthy to have to wait for some things.  And it would be even healthier to hope he does whatever makes his life the most fulfilling for him.

Martin has reportedly given an outline of the remaining plot to the producers of the TV series so they will know how to complete the tale should worse come to worst.
Here is the box set if anyone still hasn’t gotten fully up to date.

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