Travel Advisory Issued for Maryland

A Maryland Judge has ruled that the tail lights on the Pontiac G8 GT are illegal based on the word of a single cop.  Never mind the fact that they were DOT approved and came stock on the car.  The judge told the guy she guessed he would have to get a new car since he would be continuously fined for driving this one.

The one thing I wish they would do in situations like this is publicize the name of the judge and cop involved, but that information was not included in the article.  No one should be able to get away with abusing their position of authority without at least be subjected to public ridicule and opprobrium for it.  I know places like MD are possibly corrupt enough that there is little likelihood the judge or the cop will suffer any career consequences, but at least least people will be forewarned if they live there or are contemplating doing business there.  Publicizing the problems with the court system is the necessary first step towards fixing them.

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