Feminists Continue Campaign to Prove Worst Stereotypes of Women are All True

A professor at Harvard Law School warns that law students have grown so sensitive to psychological “triggers” that it is becoming difficult to teach about rape law in law school, and that many professors are considering abandoning the subject entirely.

There was a time when feminists considered it an insult if you claimed women were too weak, sensitive and squeamish for the demands of the working world.  Now they are practically demanding fainting couches in every classroom.  The article at The Daily Caller goes on to detail how some women are skipping classes with upsetting subjects, and are seeking to alter the classes or be let out of the exams.  I imagine there are a few male students who see an easy path to less work here as well who have joined in the whinging.

I will only say that during my studies I found several subjects troubled me greatly.  Third order, non-linear differential equations were particularly upsetting.  Somehow I soldiered on.  Although that was not always easy given I had to climb a goat trail to the highest point on campus lugging 50 lbs of books on my back so I could sit in an un-airconditioned room during the height of summer for two hours every day.

But if my experiences are in any way representative I would hazard a guess that calculus has probably driven more people to tears than any other subject in college.  I know my wife shed many a tear over it.  It never occurred to me that I should get hazard pay or other special dispensation for my own inadequacies or for having chosen a rigorous field of study.

We have known for a while that Ivy League graduates are a cut below the rest but this sort of nonsense spreads if it is allowed to take root there.

And as if all of this were not bad enough there is also a campaign on to punish a detergent company for having a special 50 Shades of Gray edition.

I have often thought that just because people are no longer as religious as they once were it doesn’t mean human nature has changed.  The same impulses are there.  They are just uncontrolled and undirected so that they can latch onto things like a laundry detergent as the source of some great evil.  This is the left’s twin of the Procter and Gamble satanic logo kerfluffle.  And with feminists embracing the notion of women being skiddish and faint-hearted creatures of delicate disposition it seems we have come full circle.

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