Jeb Bush is Considering Running for President

Legal Insurrection has the details on Jeb Bush preparing to seek the nomination for president.

My only question is — for which party?

Hot Air tries to make sense of why Jeb’s only strategy seems to be to insult voters on the right.

The press will be all in for the usual pump and dump.  They will try to get Jeb the nomination by promoting him as a centrist.  Then in the general they will libel him with wild abandon and paint him as an extremist who will break into your bathroom and steal your birth control.  It is all very predictable now.  The Republican establishment is just too dumb to understand that they are Charlie Brown to the press’ Lucy so we get to see the same pratfall over and over again.

It never occurs to them to nominate a man of principle vs. a toady.  Then they wonder why people stay home when they haven’t even bothered giving them a choice.

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