Lena Dunham, Serial Fabulist

I mentioned in the previous post how it is my opinion that Lena Dunham is a serial fabulist who is used to salting all of her stories with made up details.  In fairness, she to some extent admits this herself, but leaves you guessing as to which details are made up.  And before the chapter on alleged rape she reassures the reader that she is about to get serious and stop playing so fast and loose with the truth for their amusement.  Unfortunately she now claims she was still gilding the lily when she wrote the passages which turned a man’s life upside down.

Now under threat of lawsuit she admits that the rapist (though perhaps not the rape… who knows with Dunham) was fictional.  Oddly enough the online entity, The Wrap, headlines the admission as “Dunham’s Publisher Fires Back at Breitbart.”

I am not sure how more or less admitting you libeled someone to the point that you need to pay their legal bills in the hopes they don’t sue you constitutes “firing back?”  In the vocabulary of anyone who is not a complete hack that is more often referred to as a “capitulation” or “an admission of guilt.”

Lena had ample opportunity to set this straight before now and was asked to do just that.  She let it continue and it harmed this man and his family. No doubt for most of her life she has been rewarded and lauded for making up stories.  It is cute in a child perhaps since they don’t know any better.  But at some point you have to grow up.

There is a tendency amongst people who are bright in certain ways to take shortcuts in convincing others that their position on a given subject is the correct one.  They trust in their judgment so fully that their only objective is finding the right little lie, or the right combination of words to get everyone to agree with them.  It saves time and aggravation for all concerned.  I can sympathize because the temptation to do such a thing is very, very great.  You can end a discussion and not have to prove your point to someone who may not even be able to understand the proof you offer and why it is so dispositive.  And it is a very useful skill to have when dealing with a bureaucracy for instance where the only answers that count are ones that fall in certain boxes.

But when you lie and make up details that hurt others, in this case “Barry” and Republicans in general, then you have crossed a line.  It is not so cute anymore.  Her publisher has offered to pay the legal fees of the man who everyone thought was her rapist based on the fictional details in her story.  Dunham and her publisher will be lucky to get off that cheaply.

Here is the link to Breitbart.  They did the heavy lifting on this story so be sure to reward them with a click.

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