Surprising Absolutely No One, Lena Dunham Lied

It turns out her assailant was not a Republican but rather the Democratic son of someone who works at NPR, at least according to Gawker. And no I will not link to that site. I also won’t name the guy since if the incident in question was described with anything like the accuracy contains in the rest of the story then it could have consisted of anything from a handshake to a beheading. She is simply unreliable when it comes to — well when it comes to anything — telling the truth, keeping her flabby bits out of eye-shot (I think the legal term for that is an unattractive nuisance), being funny — you name it.

You run into a lot of people like her these days who have never had to worry about the consequences of what they say because they make sure they defame all of the right people.

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