We Are Now Being Ruled By Post-it Note

It turns out Obama didn’t even bother to issue an actual executive order directing immigration and law enforcement officials to ignore the law and allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country.  He merely sent a memo.  Hey, who needs the rule of law, or elected officials in the House or Senate when Obama has some post-it notes laying around?   “When you go to the store please pick up some bread and about 5 million foreign nationals.  Thanks, Barry”

He doesn’t even bother with pretending to mimic the way things are legitimately done anymore.  I have often said that there was no reason to put Obamacare on paper since no one read it, the Supreme Court ruled that one word was as good as another when it came to its contents, and Obama did not feel bound by any of its provisions anyway.    Now he has tacitly acknowledged the charade by moving on to sending us post-it notes in lieu of legal documents.

Obama is fond of saying he has a pen and a phone.  What he forgets is that his citizenry has tar and feathers.  It is only their forbearance and knowledge that he will be out of office soon that has kept them from being used.  But there is still time if he wants to push things…

I don’t know what the states are expected to do since there is apparently nowhere they can look to see what the law is now.  There is certainly no authorizing document and I doubt the details are written down anywhere that they can be accessed by the public or the states.  And if the details are written somewhere, so what?  That which can be changed once by whim can be changed again — if it is not just ignored altogether as the actual law passed by Congress was.

So far the legislature has been perfectly fine with being made superfluous.  Let’s see if Roberts’ and his merry band of misfits has figured out how badly they got punked over Obamacare yet and are willing to do their job this time around as challenges to the immigration post-it note and further challenges to Obamacare make their way to court.


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